Karoonda Farm Fair, 2011

Cambodia Mission Trip, 2010

Help Build Hope was created by myself, Kaitlin Piggott, in 2011 as part of my Year 12 Research Project. So far, it is only a fundraising group, however I wish to register it as a charity soon.

Help Build Hope has been created to raise money for under-developed countries around the globe.

I have found, through volunteer work, motivational talks, different organisations and much more, that there are many wonderful organisations and projects going on around Australia and the world at the moment that choosing just one to fundraise for and support is simply impossible. Because of this, I chose for the purpose of Help Build Hope to be planning and creating different events in order to fundraise money to then be donated to projects of my choice. 

Your support is crucial for my success and I thank you for it! It is greatly appreciated.